WHO We Are

We are a committed and devoted family that preserves refugees’ self-reliance

WHO We Are

What We Do

We empower, educate, and offer interventional support to the most vulnerable persons in the communities.

Our Secret

Whatever we do, we do it as if we are doing it to ourselves.

Me for You Organization

Though there is always assistance from humanitarian organizations, refugees still need to contribute to their welfare in their community context. In order to deal with dependency on humanitarian aid and high unemployment rate for the youth that attributes to low motivation and development, Me For You Organization (MFYO) fills the gap that exists between the side of refugee themselves and refugee partner organizations

The training corner is mainly implemented to familiarize the youth with their hobbies in order to turn them into future talents and to teach new language skills to elderly people.

The youth needs professional development and thus, Me For You Organization helps them in the process by guiding them through this lifelong process.

Hope&Live is a community project whose purpose is to empower the youth through encouragement, motivation, and inspiration activities.

Our Beloved Partners

Support Our Activities

By donating or sponsoring MFYO, you are helping us to help refugees’ youth and their host community become more self-reliant.  Do not undervalue your charity because to us, every single coin counts!