The youth needs professional development and thus, Me For You Organization helps them in the process by guiding them through this lifelong process. The following are what the career Development Advisory takes on so far: 

Skills + is an online class which was created during this period of the global covid-19 pandemic whereby over 100 youths are organized to teach one another about soft skills, especially those that make them good fits for employment and self-employment.

Topics that are covered in the skills + class:

  • Tips of giving and receiving an effective feedback
  • Professional email writing
  • Resume, CV and cover letter writing
  • Interview tips
  • PowerPoint presentation skills
  • Google doc basic skills
  • Tips of writing a good essay
  • Public speaking
  • Job searching skills
  • Elevator pitches
  • Business creation tips
  • Money (what it is and what place it should take in people’s lives)
  • Stress management
  • Personality disorders
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Tips of conflicts prevention and resolution in workplaces

Kiziba Has Got Talent Event 

It is apparent that a place that hosts thousands of people among which more than 65% are the youth to be a hub of multiple talents. Kiziba Has Got Talents is a trimestrial competition event whose purpose is to expose refugees’ talents to external opportunities. 

The following are the competition fields:  

  • Traditional dance for both the youth and elderly people
  • Modern and contemporary dance for the youth.                  
  • Drama performance                 
  • Public speaking skills               
  • Génie en herbe (tic-tac- toe games): quick thinking games.
  • Reading for children (spelling, puzzle games…)
  • Story writing                              
  • Sports and games

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