At ME FOR YOU, we understand that life’s challenges can often feel overwhelming. Our Counselling & Therapy service is designed to offer a supportive and empathetic space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. We are here to help you navigate difficult moments and work towards a healthier, happier you

woman finds solace in the confidence and support of her therapist during a counseling session. The



We offer one-on-one counseling sessions to address mental health concerns and promote emotional well-being.

We conduct counseling sessions for couples who are experiencing relationship issues, communication difficulties, or other challenges.

We conduct counseling sessions for families who are struggling with conflicts, parenting issues, or other challenges that affect the family dynamic.


We conduct therapy sessions that involve multiple individuals who share similar concerns or goals


Whether you’re seeking support for a specific challenge or aiming to enhance your overall well-being, the ME FOR YOU Counselling & Therapy service is here to guide you on your journey. Take the first step towards healing and personal growth by reaching out to us. Let us be your companion as you navigate life’s complexities, discover your strengths, and work towards a more fulfilled and balanced life.