By donating or sponsoring MFYO, you are helping us to help refugees’ youth and their host community become more self-reliant. Do not undervalue your charity because to us, every single coin counts!

Support our activities

We exist to encourage, motivate, and inspire the youth in Kiziba Refugee Camp and the host community to have dreams and emulate them.Your donation helps us to give hope to those who need it the most.

Support Hero Mothers

We have identified more than forty (40) families of single mothers in Kiziba refugee camp most of whom are young girls who become mothers at an early age. .By making a donation, you will help us to rescue and secure the welfare of those children and to help their mother to stop being irresponsible mothers to becoming Hero Mothers.


Be a Good Samaritan

Like the parable of a Good Samaritan is told in the bible (Luke 10:25-37), you do not need to be a saint to do benevolent actions. It only requires pity, empathy, and compassion.

Support the most disadvantaged people such as: unaccompanied children, solitary aging individuals, unattended patients, those in need of clothing stuffs, etc.


Aline (Age 26) is a Congolese refugee who has been living in Kiziba refugee camp/Rwanda with her family and around 17,000 refugees since 1996. She was disqualified from government scholarship beneficiaries at the University of Rwanda when a new scholarship policy was adopted. Aline was close to dropping out of the university when the university management agreed to let her study on one condition: she could only get her degree once all the debts that she owed the university were cleared.Your donation will help Aline to collect around 3,500 US Dollars to pay her confiscated university degree