Hope&Live is a community project whose purpose is to empower the youth through encouragement, motivation, and inspiration activities. The project is intended to solve the following problems in the community:

  • Ample of experiences related to delinquency
  • Large number of hidden talents among young refugees
  • A big number of refugees having fixed mindsets
  • Experiencing many school dropout cases


Cultural Orientation Sessions are with the main purpose to enrich positive behaviors among the youth in order to preserve peace building spirit among them so that a smart and visionary youth is prepared. Below is what is done under cultural orientation sessions:

  • Inter-youth inspirational dialogues and discussions
  • Workshops aiming to impact positive behaviors 
  • Career Development Counselling for the youth 

Gym tonic is a music guided sport. Me For You Organization organizes an inclusive weekly gym tonic sport that includes the youth and adults in the sense of promoting inclusiveness and playfulness among the community residents.

Kiziba Ikeye

Kiziba ikeye is a kinyarwanda terminology that means Kiziba which is clean. This project is with a purpose of developing cleanliness spirit as well as reusing solid waste in community gardens in Kiziba refugee camp residents and its surroundings. It is expected to solve the following problems in the Kiziba community:

  • Some people think that there are other people who are responsible for their cleanliness including latrines and water stations. 
  • Some people are not effectively involved in responsibility sharing regarding the environment protection and conservation.
  • The reuse of decaying wastes in community gardens.
  • Recycling of non-decaying wastes into useful materials
  • A clean and green environment.
  • Fertilized community gardens.
  • Plastic materials made from the non-decaying wastes.

Hero Mothers

The purpose of this project is to rescue and secure the welfare of children from needy single mothers in the Kiziba refugee community, to provide early childhood basic education skills to those single mothers, and to reintegrate them in the community. Most of these single mothers are those who gave birth at an early age and could hardly assume their parental responsibilities. The project wants to take them from kind of irresponsible mothers to being hero mothers.

In the Kiziba refugee community, there is a meaningful number of single mothers who hardly assume their parental responsibilities due to many reasons, and this affects their children who are seen with:

  • Malnutrition
  • Poor health
  • Social isolation (school dropout, sexual abuse)
  • Plus, these single mothers, there is another good number of parents having family conflicts due to several facts. The Hero Mothers Project intervenes with the purpose to foster a culture of mutual respect and responsibility sharing among family members.

    The following are activities that are carried out in the implementation of the Hero Mothers Project: 

    • Family counselling 
    • Making community gardens with conflicting families
    • making follow ups on the above mentioned

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