Get to know us!

The name Me For You is there to remind reciprocity among the residents of the world. It means that whether we believe it or not, people need one another’s hand in order to live their lives.

All the Me For You Organization’s founders have something in common: they grew up in Kiziba refugee camp.

The foundation of Me For You Organization is kind of giving back to refugee communities.

No, Me For You Organization outspreads its activities to non-refugee communities especially those that host refugees.

Me For You Organization collaborates very closely with local leaders and youth initiatives that exists in the area. Local leaders are the ones to provide legal documents to the organization.

We keep reminding everyone that refugees, like anyone, need encouragement, trust, and that they should be given the same chance to success like the rest of the world’s residents.

Me For You Organization has a strong bond with refugees as all its founders have been living with a refugee status. 

The response comes directly from the UNHCR statistics that state that in 2019, Rwanda hosted some 145,000 refugees, mainly from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This included some 2,700 individuals who arrived during the course of the year. Women and children represented 75% of the population.

Me For You Organization commits to offer different skills that elderly people need on a daily basis. They include: literacy, numeracy, and English as a second language learning. Our clients include, on a high rate, refugees who are about to be resettled to the third country.

Refugees are as able as are the rest of people. All they lack are resources and opportunities.

Yes, refugees have studied and they have people that fit in different professions. If allowed, they can tremendously contribute to the development of their hosting countries.

Refugees do not need being spoon fed alone. They rather yearn for opportunities and being allowed the chance to contribute to their betterment too.

Me For You Organization helps the youth to develop their careers, empowers the youth, detects and develops talents of the youth, Educates, and does community interventional activities.

Like all Non-Profit Organizations, Me For You Organization survives due to donations, grants, and gifts. Therefore, MFYO welcomes every well-intended assistance. They can have professional partnerships on different projects, training to its staff or financial assistance.

It is so much delightful to see our clients finding pathways to their dream life through the organization’s programs.

Me For You Organization’s mission is to encourage, motivate, and inspire the youth to have dreams and emulate them when they are still young.

Me For You Organization’s strategy is ‘people-first’.  We believe that the most expensive treasure that exists is ‘having people around you’. To MFYO, reciprocity always counts. 

Getting involved in Me For You Organization’s activities is simple: be a volunteer or be a donor.