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Papy Patrick N.N.

Executive Director & Co-Founder


Papy Patrick was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but grew up in Rwanda. He managed to become a professional Educator with eight years of professional experience in the Rwandan education system. He was involved in the implementation of big education projects in Rwanda, worked as a teacher and education mentor.Papy Patrick has also worked for the Resettlement Support Centre-Africa (RSC-Africa).With his comrades, founding the Me For You Organization gave him a room to have his contribution on building strong refugee communities beyond the one that nurtured him.He believes in ‘No one should say it’s over until God says so’

Gentille Dusenge

Deputy Executive Director & C0-Founder


Gentille Dusenge is a Congolese refugee who fled the DR Congo since 1996 and currently lives in Rwanda with her parents, three sisters and three brothers.

Gentille is a Policy and Advocacy Officer at Health Development Initiative, Kigali where she works hand in hand with policy makers and other civil society organizations to advocate for key populations across the country. Additionally, she is currently a research consultant at University of Global Health Equity, where she facilitates data collection and represents the University of Global Health Equity on-site and completed training on Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative to earn a Certificate on Human Subjects Research in 2020. Prior to that, Gentille was a Community Based Protection Intern at UNHCR, GentKigali where she worked in close cooperation with UNHCR staff and the NGO partners for the successful roll-out of the refugee youth-led projects across the country. Gentille also worked as Community Mobilizer at Prison Fellowship while studying at the university and serving as Teacher of English as Second Language in Kiziba Camp. Gentille also served as University Student Association Government President while she was a student, and Presented “Financing the Education Commitment in the Global Compact on Refugees,” in front of an audience of over 3000 people at the Geneva Global Refugee Forum in December 2019.

Gentille earned her Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management with concentration in Global Perspectives from Southern New Hampshire University through Kepler Program in 2020. She also holds an Associate of Arts degree in Information Technology from Tumba College of Technology. Gentille earned her high school diploma in Electronics Computer at the Ecole Technique in the southern province at Saint Kizito Save. She also served as teacher of English and ICT in Kiziba when she was just a high school graduate before going to the universities.

Gentille believes in education and is looking forward to building her career in Innovative humanitarian and emergencies studies. Gentille loves to listen to music and stories, and read books.

Jean Paul MANIRIHO Muzawa

Head of Career Development & Co-Founder


Jean Paul MANIRIHO Muzawa is a medical doctor whose passion is deep into living the humanity. He feels awarded to see his patients getting relief from their ailments with his assistance and his experience with the sick has taught him the relevance of tackling the social aspects of people’s problems.
His family fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Rwanda when Paul was only one year old and since then he has lived all his life in a refugee camp in the west of Rwanda.He is a registered member of the Rwandan Medical and Dental Council and has served in different hospitals in the country.

Alphonse Nshimiye

Finance Manager & Co-Founder


Alphonse was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He was four years old when his family fled their home (Lubero) in 1996. He holds a Bachelor’s degree of Finance that he got from the University of Rwanda on a scholarship offered to refugee students by DAFI.To Alphonese’ quintessential hard worker, no hill was too steep for Alphonse to climb’.And according to him, a Refugee is someone who survived and who can create the future”.


Felix Kajyambere

Human Resource Manager & Co-Founder.


Felix Kajyambere was born in Lubero, North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. War in his homeland forced his family to flee to Rwanda in 1996. Felix’s was six when his family joined a steady exodus of refugees who settled in Western Rwanda, Karongi (Kiziba Refugee Camp).Felix invested his time in supporting the community’s education by serving as a teacher and Head of Discipline.Like many of his refugee comrades, it wasn’t easy for Felix to have access on higher education until he got a scholarship from the Kepler program. He worked hard day and night to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management with a concentration in Global Perspective from Southern New Hampshire University. Felix’s education journey that took him years became his academic success story.Felix has worked with SOMA UMENYE, a USAID-aided project. He now lives in the USA. 

Niragire Gasirimu

Niragire Gasirimu

Communications Manager & C0-Founder


Niragire Gasirimu is a Congolese refugee who currently resides in Rwanda after fleeing his home country, DRC (The Democratic Republic of Congo) to Rwanda in 1996, he was almost six years old.Gasirimu holds a Bachelor Degree in Communications, with a Concentration in Business from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).Niragire Gasirimu is highly passionate about leadership. 

Samuel Nsabimana

Communication and Media Specialist &C0-Founder


Samuel Nsabimana was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in 1996. He grew up in the Kiziba refugee camp, the western part of Rwanda.Samuel Nsabimana is currently pursuing his higher education studies of Bachelor of Arts inCommunication, with a Concentration in Business at Southern New Hampshire University through the Kepler program.He has a dream of becoming one of the best graphic designers.His passions and hobbies include video-photography and poetry. He is an awarding winning of so many poetry competitions in the country.


Aimee Umulisa

Community Engagement Specialist& Co-Founder


Aimee Umulisa is a Congolese refugee who resides in Kiziba Refugee Camp which is located in the Western Province of Rwanda.  She was born in Kiziba refugee camp and grew up there.Aimee holds a BA in Communication with a Concentration in Business from Southern New Hampshire University through Kepler program. She has served as Refugee Engagement Specialist at Leaf Fintech.Aimee has always dreamt to serve back her community until she met his fellows to found Me For You Organization.Aimee is a very committed woman who stands for women’s rights especially refugee women around the world.

Kazege Rukaza

Career Development Assistant


Like many other families, Kazege’s family fled their home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to live in refugee camps in Rwanda. She was three then. Kazege pursued her primary and lower secondary studies in the Kiziba refugee camp and was sent to complete her upper secondary studies in a public school outside the camp. She did Healthcare Management with concentration with Global perspectives at Southern New Hampshire University through the Kepler program.

Alicia Murekatete Nyiraburanga

Senior Accountant & Co-Founder


Alicia Murekatete is a Congolese refugee who fled from Congo in 1996 when she was two years old. She is now in Kiziba refugee camp in Rwanda where she did her primary and secondary education. After graduating from high school Alicia got an opportunity to continue her higher education at Southern New Hampshire University through the program Kepler and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management with a concentration in Logistics and Operations. Alicia has worked for Alight in the Kuja Kuja program as a Kuja Kuja Insight Associate.

Sadiki Bamperineza Anicet

External Relations Specialist


Today, Sadiki works as a Refugee College Guidance Counsellor for the College Board in its partnership with Southern New Hampshire University and Kepler.  With this role, he works on supporting refugees’ access to higher education through preparation programs and he supports refugee students from Kepler Kigali with timely graduation strategies and smooth transition to life after graduation.  Alongside, Sadiki is one of the leaders of the Tertiary Refugee Student Network at the global level. Sadiki believes in the power of education and synergistic communities and he is committed to giving back to his community through the Me for You Community Based Organization to support self-reliance of refugees.

Justin Iranzi

M&E Manager & Co-Founder


Justin Iranzi is a graduate from Southern New Hampshire University through the Kepler Program, and has pursued his Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with a Concentration in Business. He was born in DRC, and fled the country in 1996.In his childhood, he always had a dream to serve his community, until himself and his fellow refugees founded Me For You Organization.

Jean Bosco Dukuzumuremyi

Operations Manager & Co-Founder


Jean Bosco was born in Masisi/ Bashali Mokoto/ Kahira in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ethnic war made him a refugee in Rwanda from 1996 up to now. He has a Bachelor of Art in Communication with concentration in Business from Southern New Hampshire University through the Kepler Program.He also has a high school diploma in Agriculture from 2011 to 2013.Jean Bosco grew up with beliefs that the power of refugees are refugees themselves and he thought to do something good for his community. Luckily, He met his friends and put ideas together to found the Me For You Organization

Yvette Dusabe Kibuka

Social Inclusion Specialist


 Yvette is a graduate from Southern New Hampshire University and has pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management with Global Perspective Concentration.Yvette is always optimistic, and always learns from failures. “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about” (Winston Churchill). This quote inspires her to try and try until she makes it.Today, serves the community that grew her up through the Me For You Organization while Yvette residing in the United States of America with her family.

Jackson Zimurinda

Legal Adviser


Jackson holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B, Hons) from the University of Rwanda (UR) and a Postgraduate Diploma in legal practice at the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD). He is a member of the Rwanda Bar Association & the East African Law Society. He is currently serving as a Legal Associates at RR Associates & Co. Advocates, a Law firm located at Kigali, Rwanda. He is an experienced lawyer who is more than able to offer advice on the law, legal procedures and a wide range of associated issues. He has extensive knowledge of local, regional and International law and practices. 


Head of Programs & Co-Founder


Faustin NZAYINAMBAHO NDAZIGARUYE (Taifa) was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo but grew up in Rwanda. Faustin and his family fled their home country when he was still 14 years old. Faustin is an experienced person with 12 years in project implementation in Rwanda who has worked for the Rwanda Education Board, Voluntary Services Overseas in their Building Learning Foundations consortium project with Education Development Trust and British Council, Resettlement Support Centre (RSC-Africa). He has also worked as a teacher and teacher trainer.

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