Our Primary Partners

MFYO, we really appreciate the support the donors are providing, We cannot bring big impact without their intervention.


THE UNHCR. As the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR is considered as one of our primary stakeholders. Me For You Organization’s existence falls into the UNHCR and Government of Rwanda’s refugees’ self-reliance and livelihood policies as part of durable solutions to refugees’ welfare. 

We thank the UNHCR-Karongi for being a nurturing and encouraging stakeholder


The Ministry in charge of Emergency Management, MINEMA is the Government of Rwanda’s organ in charge of refugees. Refugee camps management pertains to MINEMA and thus Me For You Organization being a refugee initiative is subjected to adhere to the camp management’s terms and conditions. 

We thank MINEMA through the Kiziba camp management for guiding us in the right professional path since day one! 


Asha’s Refuge is a USA based Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to give living resettlement assistance to the most disadvantaged refugees and immigrants. Asha’s Refugee has been the first NGO that understood the existence of Me For You Organization and decided to help this super young refugee organization in one way or the other. Asha’s Refuge has been the first one that helped Me For You Organization’s growth by offering the first donation that helped the organization to start existing financially. Asha’s Refuge has literally become Me For You Organization’s professional MOTHER.  


Thank you Asha’s Refuge for being A PLACE OF HOPE to us!


Mucyo African Cultural Center, a non-profit cultural and educational institution, is dedicated to deepening the understanding and appreciation of African history and culture in the USA communities.

We thank Mucyo African Cultural Center for their crucial partnership and support

Be Our partner

We can not bring a  great impact in the lives of the refugees alone! we Really need more partners. You can partner with by sponsoring our activities or representing us to others who may  sponsor us.