About Us

Our History

Me For You Organization was founded by twelve committed refugees. Each of them knows how bitter refugees’ life is. From fleeing our homes with some being born and attaining their adult age in a refugee camp, sleepless nights on the run, and heavy rains with no shelters to a hopeless growth with a blurred vision for an immediate tomorrow and far worse for a future. The worst of all, though, has been living without a place to call home!

The same people who founded Me For You Organization owe their lives to humanitarians for years.  They understand what the verb to HELP means in its true meaning and we understand that no such thing as a small help exists. We all know what to start from NOTHING looks like and we have witnessed how far one can get from there. This affirms our firm belief in the saying that ‘No one should say it’s over until God says so’. Indeed, we are a living testimony that ‘however long the night might be, the day will finally come!’


In our simplest aptitudes; we, the founders of Me For You Organization; have come together with all affordable commitment to serve the community that nurtured us all. We actually feel like a small family that dreams and works every day for the big family. We happily embrace our responsibility to give more than we have been given to our youth.

Vision & Values

Though there is always assistance from humanitarian organizations, refugees still need to contribute to their welfare in their community context.

In order to deal with dependency on humanitarian aid and high unemployment rate for the youth that attributes to low motivation and development, Me For You Organization (MFYO) fills the gap that exists between the side of refugee themselves and refugee partner organizations by   exhorting appropriate behaviors among  the youth in order to eradicate delinquency-related problems, assisting children in career guidance, detecting and developing talents and making them fruitful, raising funds to assist micro business start-ups, and to raises awareness  of reproductive health among the youth in order to reduce early age pregnancies.

We believe, and it is true that refugee youths, like any youths, need encouragement, guidance, and most of all, they should be trusted and given the same opportunities to success like the rest of the world’s residents. 


In response to low motivation for refugee’s engagement and development, Me For You Organization is committed and devoted to preserving refugees’ self-reliance. 


A meaningful number of young refugees have lost hope for the future. The mission of Me For You Organization is to encourage, inspire, and motivate refugees’ youth to have dreams and emulate them when they are still young


By donating or sponsoring MFYO, you are helping us to help refugees’ youth and their host community become more self-reliant.  Do not undervalue your charity because to us, every single coin counts!